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The Roe Corporation is a real estate family office for the Roe family focused on New York City Metro area properties.  The Roe Corporation is a leading real estate company integrated with strong investment management, transactional and development businesses.  The Roe family has over 35 years of ownership experience in New York City for residential and commercial real estate properties.


In business, profitability is the measure of success.  That is why at Roe Corporation, we are committed to providing real estate solutions that maximize business performance and enhance profitability.  Whether it’s creating value or defining operating efficiencies for facilities, our team uses in depth real estate knowledge that has been exposed to many different aspects of real estate including buying, selling, development, construction and management.


At Roe Corporation, we have long held the belief that a sustainable organization is strategically and culturally committed to achieving economic development, social enrichment, and environmental protection.  It’s a commitment that ranges from living our corporate values to the consistent delivery of environmentally sustainable solutions and long term prosperity.


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